This new evening-length work walks the fuzzy, shag-carpet line between dance performance and narrative play, leaning into both text and movement to tell an abstracted version of a well known fictional story of survival: Little Red Riding Hood. By cycling through distinct characters, either true to the original story or entirely new, 2nd Best Dance Company will explore how we confront the many-faced “big bads” that lurk on our personal wooded paths. In RED (choreographed, written, and directed by Hannah Garner), four performers brave the unknown by way of spectacle, sentimentality, glamour, mortality, and answering the phone. Review here!

Created as 2019 Artist in Residence at Triskelion Arts.

Written, directed, choreographed by Hannah Garner

Dancers: Courtney Barth, Hannah Garner, Will Noling, Ryan Yamauchi

Costume, set, prop: Ariel Noltimier- Strauss

Length: about 1.5 hours

Premiere: June 13-15, 2019 @ Triskelion Arts (Muriel Schulman Theater)

Special thanks to Ann Noling, Tory Bailey, TDF, Triskelion Arts, Ariel Noltimier-Strauss, Eliza Doyle, Alexa Carroll.

Photos: Ingrid Holmquist

RED had the atmosphere of an absurdist late-night talk show and the intrigue of a lurid fan fiction written by a hopelessly romantic high schooler. Familiar scenes warped and waxed larger-than-life; known narratives took hairpin turns into strange territory. Heroes and villains impersonated each other and walked into the sunset holding hands. Who’s to say if they lived happily ever after.
— The Dance Enthusiast (Dot Armstrong)