Quintet for 5

Quintet for 5

Quintet for 5 searches for commonality in the individual mind and uniformity in the individual body. Five performers create and inhabit landscapes of loneliness and togetherness in an attempt to fill gaps, assuage uncertainty, and know more.

Presented by: Gibney Dance’s dance-mobile series at Brooklyn Bridge Park (July 2019), Gallim Dance (December 2017), Triskelion Arts (2017)

Original Dancers: Courtney Barth, Andrea Farley Shimota, Keerati Jinakunwiphat, Will Noling, Ryan Yamauchi

Length: about 35 minutes

Music: 'Just Before Dawn' by Sonnymoon, 'Make a Plan to Love Me' by Bright Eyes, 'For Favorite Tree' by Yuichiro Fujimoto, 'Take a Chance on Me' by ABBA

Lighting: Andy Dickerson

Premiere: Triskelion Arts, 2017

Additional performances: Gibney’s dance-mobile at Brooklyn Bridge Park (July 2019), Gallim Dance (December 2017)

Special thanks to Ann Noling.

Page photo by Scott Shaw.