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And What Sort Of Story Shall We Hear?

Photo credit: Ted Kivitt

Photo credit: Ted Kivitt

And What Sort of Story Shall We Hear?

And what sort of story shall we hear? tells the tale of two lovers juxtaposed by a sea of unrelated bodies.

Dancers: Krista Morgenson, Imani Simmons, Keerati Jinakunwiphat, Will Noling, Marcella Lewis, Courtney Barth, Paul Giarratano, Madelyn Eltringham, Jordan Norton, Maya Tacon, Josh Dwyre, Maiya Redding, Alex Lockhart, Forrest Hersey, Chelsea Hecht, Alyssa Vernet, Corinne Shearer, and Andi Farley Shimota

Length: 5 minutes

Music: Philip Glass

Premiere: Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College, 2014